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Best Long Range Nerf Gun 2019

Almost all the kids are big fans of Nerf Guns. They play indoor and outdoor battles with Nerf Guns. Hasbro Inc. has designed Nerf Guns younger kids, elder kids, teenagers and adults. Younger kids love small pistol and single shot Nerf Guns. But the elder kids want more powerful guns to play nerf wars at outdoors.
Nerf Guns have various gun models and each gun has different shooting range. If you are looking for an Nerf Gun with Long Range then you have reached the right place. We have done experiment on several Nerf Guns and we have found the best long range guns. You should check our list of Best Long Range Nerf Guns to find out your desired gun for long range blasting.

What is a Long Range Nerf Gun?

An Nerf Gun that can fire the darts in long distance is called a long range nerf gun.
Long Range Nerf Guns can fire the darts at a distance from 70 feet to 100 feet. These guns are mostly used by teenagers and elder kids in Nerf Wars. Elder kids need such nerf guns as they play the war at outdoor places. They need to shoot their opponents at far distance and this is possible only with long range nerf gun.

Which is the Best Long Range Nerf Gun?

Any Nerf Gun with long distance shooting capability is a long range nerf gun. So how to decide which long range nerf gun is best for you. The Best Nerf Gun should have more firepower, long range, firing accuracy and no jamming issue.

List of Best Long Range Nerf Guns 2019

Our expert team has conducted a research on best long range nerf guns. We have used several nerf guns to know which are good in long distance shooting. Here we provide the list of best long range nerf guns for outdoor nerf battles as under:

01. Nerf N-Strike Elite Rapidstrike CS-18 Blaster

Nerf Rapidstrike Blaster contains a huge dart clip to hold 18 darts at once. So you don't need to reload the blaster until you finish all 18 darts in Nerf War. It has motorized power to fire the Elite darts at long distance up to 90 feet. It also has a jam clearing door if you face such issue in future.

02. Nerf N-Strike Elite Centurion Blaster

Nerf Centurion Blaster comes with mega darts. These darts are bigger in size than regular Elite darts. The blaster can hold six mega darts at a time. When you fire a mega dart from Centurion Blaster, it makes screaming noise. You can shoot your opponents at 100 feet distance in outdoor nerf wars. A folding bipod stand is also provided to stabilize the blaster for accurate long range firing at target.

03. Nerf N-Strike Elite Rampage Blaster

Nerf Rampage Blaster has a huge drum to hold 25 darts in one time. It is a hand powered nerf gun to fire Elite darts at a distance of 90 feet. You can fire one dart at a time or choose slam fire option for rapid fire action. Nerf Rampage Blaster does not require any batteries, just hold down the trigger and slide the handle to keep firing the darts on your opponents.
We have seen several long range nerf guns. Out of them, we recommend the Nerf Rampage Blaster as the Best Long Range Nerf Gun for Outdoor Nerf Wars.
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